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Beautiful Senior 2 | Lifestyle

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous girl and one of my favorite places in the world….the beach!  There is just something so freeing about being there and when this girl told me the beach was one of her happy places I knew we would get along perfectly!

This sweet girl was nominated but her Mother and her Mother just happens to be a favored teacher in our house.  We are so thankful for her loving and nurturing nature in the classroom.

Katie in her Mothers words…..

Kathryn Grace Goudzwaard
Katie has such a servant’s heart. She will not come up to you and tell you all the things that she does to help others and she doesn’t care to be recognized for what she does; but, she loves to help in her humble, caring way.
Katie really has a heart for children. For several summers, she has gone up to Michigan to help with Vacation Bible School where over 200 children come to each summer. She has directed the games and assisted with Bible lessons while at Bible School.
The past two years, she has gone on Mission trips to Nashville, TN and Orlando, FL. In Nashville, she cleaned and sorted shoes to be distributed to people in need and in Orlando she worked in a thrift shop and under-priced grocery store catering to people with low income. These experiences have really changed her. She sees the need to help people. She plans on going on another mission trip this summer to Colorado.
She now attends Chicago Christian High School and has recently been inducted into the National Honor Society which honors students for their volunteer work. As a member of NHS, Katie has volunteered time to tutor several students in Algebra at the high school. She has also put in hours of volunteer work at the school’s thrift store.
She plans to go to college for early elementary education. She so loves to work with children! She even came in to help me in my classroom around Christmas time when she was done with her exams!
Katie puts her heart into all she does!

Katie you are beautiful inside and out.  Your heart is so big and I hope you have a wonderful senior year!

Love Katie



Back in March I asked my clients and followers to nominate super special Senior!

Someone who goes the extra mile.

Someone who makes this world brighter.

Well, it doesn’t get much brighter than this sweet girl.

In her aunts words….

Eleven years ago when I met my husband and I was introduced to his family and I met Sabrina. Sabrina was seven years old and as cute and sweet as little girls usually are at that age.  I knew Sabrina would grow up to be a beautiful woman someday, which she is, but the beauty inside of her is blinding. Her heart never stops thinking of others. She has taught vacation bible school for the last four years, she volunteers and does it from her heart. She is part of a service youth group that does community service projects like the giving tree, the food pantry , and she makes blankets for sick children. She took a mission trip to help at a pregnant shelter and she volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.

She is in the Best Buddies program at Lyons township high school where she is currently a junior on the honor roll. Her best buddy is Tori and they attend events together for school and out of school and engage in the typical talk on the phone like girlfriends do in high school. She has also been a buddy within special olympics organized sports since grade school.
Sabrina has a cousin who is a few years older than her with Autism and has always cheered for Leanne at special Olympics when she is participating. Sabrina advocates for all her cousins but especially for Leanne with Autism, TJ with Auspergers , and Dillon with Down Syndrome. I still remember when Sabrina wrote a paper in school and included Dillon in it and talked about Down Syndrome and how he is like all other kids. She escorted Dillon at the NADS fashion show this year and also wrote his bio for the program. Her mother told me she was honored to be walking Dillon down he runway. We recently moved to the western suburbs to find a good school system for Dillon and Sabrina has already scouted out LTHS for us and told us it is the perfect place for Dillon when he is old enough.
I see it In her eyes when she is with kids with special needs that they are just kids and no different than other kids and she treats them all equally.
Sabrina does all of these kind things but she doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss about her. She is never looking for praise or accolades. According to her she isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.
Being a parent of a child with special needs I worry about the future when I am not here but I’ve come to realize that Sabrina will always make sure that Dillon will always be loved and that he is living a safe and happy life as independent as possible.
Sabrina Banff Pusatera is a junior at LTHS and my niece. Our family is blessed to have her.
Michelle Pusatera

She is a beautiful image of kindness, pure and unconditional love, I am so happy to know her!  I can not WAIT to see where you go Sabrina!  Love Katie

Jenny TodApril 24, 2013 - 2:41 pm

What a lovely story. LOVED the coffee shop and studio images. Such a great thing you both are doing!! 🙂 Happy to know you and call you a friend Katie!


I love that through my photography I am connected with so many beautiful families.  This past friday I had the pleasure of photographing these gorgeous kids.

Their Mama found me though a campaign my friend and I began called “Changing the Face of Beauty” and knew she wanted her beautiful baby to be a part of it.  Our campaign encourages all people to be represented in our media all the time.  We feel it is one of the most important ways to foster acceptance.

I love being a part of this beautiful campaign and I really love photographing children for it.  So while photographing these children all I could think about was the journey beginning and how beautiful it will be.

I hope my images convey the love they have for their little sister.



I love spring for a lot of reasons and one of them would be the opportunity to photograph little girls and boys as they prepare for this big event.

I just love the confidence they have when wearing their special outfits.

The images are beautiful and a lifelong memory for them as well as their parents.  This sweet event only comes once in a lifetime.



Every month or so I offer sessions to parents that are short and sweet (15 mins) and I provide 5 digital images to the parents to use how ever they like.  I love these sessions because they give the child the opportunity to just be themselves.  There is no styling to these.  The point of the sessions are to give the child time to shine.

To show their true light.