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My morning started off so perfectly!  I spent the morning with a very sweet 5 year old boy.

He is so handsome and I was so humbled by the fact that he and his Mom traveled

an hour and a half to come to my studio for his very special birthday pictures!

Believe me these pictures will not disappoint.

Isn’t he over the top handsome!

This boy does not take a bad picture and we had so much fun just letting him be himself!

He is amazing and I am so glad to know him.

and his Mama well I am glad to know her and they have a beautiful relationship.

Oh and he is a Scooby Doo guy!  Who does not love a Scooby Doo guy!??

Happy 5th birthday buddy!  I sure hope I get to watch you grow.

OXOX Katie



This engagement session is not like most session because the soon-to-be groom is my handsome brother.  He is all grown up and lucky enough to find a perfect match to spend the rest of his life with.  These two compliment each other so well and I feel so honored to capture these special memories for them.


It is not every day that you drive by a beautiful field of yellow flowers!  I knew we had to stop!


….and it was so worth it.  I feel like I was able to really capture who they are.

I love these images so much.

The coolest part of this session is that Aaron and Nicole will be saying their vows on her families Ranch and

we  were able to capture some special images of them standing in the same place they

will stand to say “I do” in October!

The session was complete with a cocktail on their front porch!

I love the smiles and the laughter in these images, they are in love.

and then we hopped in the car and “high-tailed” it back to our parents house for the celebration.

We celebrated and it was a beautiful night.  New friends met and old friends hugged.

Life is good.

I am so very happy for you little bro and welcome to the family Nicole!

I love you both! OXOXO



I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet girl on her very special

1st Birthday!

Isn’t she just precious? and the Dress!  LOVE the Dress!

We had to bring the pop of red in for fun and we did that with our retro red kitchen!

She loved playing with the pots and pans and we got some beautiful

 natural expressions.

and it would not be a first birthday session without alittle CAKE!

Yep this sweet girl loves her cake!

Is got alittle messy but so fun to watch!

Thank you so much for asking me to capture your beautiful baby girl!

My wish for her is that her year will be even more amazing then the first!




So my morning started off with a nice hot cup of coffee and a beautiful ride to the country with my oldest.  We went to the barn today.  This will be our second season of Thursday evening drives to the country with my 3 kids who are lucky enough to participate in the Victory Reins horse therapy program.  There is a whole lotta love and friendship at this barn.  Sandy, her husband and all the amazing volunteers make this place somewhere you want to be.


I was so excited to capture “The Faces of Victory Reigns” and can’t wait to print the final product, it will be amazing!  The kids here are an inspiration to me and the heart of my photography.


We absolutely love it there!

Happy Saturday everyone!



The Apple Blossoms are here and I have been waiting patiently for them to arrive since…..well…..January.  I am not going to lie I have been calling the Orchard owner for months. So much so that we are on a first name basis and he knows it is me when I call.


I can not help it…..when there are blossoms on trees along with golden sunlight I get all excited!



So I had the pleasure of doing a Mothers Day session amongst the blossoms and it was beautiful!



I hope all you Mothers out there have a beautiful day!

OXOX Katie